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What is Turnkey Real Estate Investing?

30 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage

About Turnkey Real Estate Investing

There are many ways to make money in and around Real Estate.  The traditional jobs include real estate and mortgage sales, building, renovating, and property management.

Many people also create part time jobs in real estate, by buying and flipping foreclosures, renovating homes, wholesaling, and other activities.  Websites like Bigger Pockets and Connected Investors are places where many people go to learn about other real estate investing opportunities.

The biggest difference between Turnkey Real Estate Investing other types of real estate investing is that Turnkey is a passive investing activity – not a second job.  You can make more money other ways in real estate, but, those often involve significant amounts to time to be committed.  As an example, you can’t buy a foreclosure, renovate it, find a tenant, and manage the property in 1 hour a month.  With Turnkey Real Estate Investing, however, it is possible to own several rental properties and pay someone else to do all the work while still earning a great return on your investment.

A Turnkey Property is a home that was freshly built or renovated specifically to be rented, and after the sale of the property to an investor, the home is managed by a property manager that does all the day to day work: finding and screening tenants, negotiating leases, handling maintenance requests and collecting rent.

Turnkey Real Estate Investing, when done right, is the most passive form of real estate investing, requiring the least amount of time and still generating great returns on the money that is invested.

The Turnkey Real Estate Investing Process

Here’s how our Turnkey Real Estate loan loan process works:

  • Complete our simple Turnkey Mortgage Qualifier
  • Select a Market and Turnkey Property Provider that’s right for you
  • Sign a purchase contract for the house you pick.
  • Close on the purchase with an Investment Property Loan
  • Receive a check each month for the total rent less the Property Manager’s fee
  • Grow wealthy slowly as the tenant pays down your loan, the house appreciates, and you earn extra money each month after paying the mortgage and other expenses.

Do I Qualify?

Home Loans for investment properties require a 20-25% downpayment, a minimum credit score, rates are typical slightly higher than you will pay for your primary residence.


  • Fixed-Rate Mortgage
  • Conforming Loan process
  • Payment and expenses normally less than rent earned
  • Typically higher cash flow
  • Down payments as low as 20%

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